Monday, July 13, 2015

June Meeting and some Stitch-In Photos

Our meeting on June 17 was pretty much the usual. First, people started drifting in about 6:30, found a comfortable seat (isn't it funny how we tend to prefer the same seat?), grabbed a snack from our new snack table, and started to talk. Then we started the business portion at about 7:00 and got the boring part our of the way ASAP. Then we got to our program.

Pat C. taught our new project, Hapsburg Lace Sampler by Tanja Berlin. She talked a bit about the background of Hapsburg Lace, about which frankly not a lot is known. She did point out that about 25 years ago, there was some interest by a local designer. Pat said there were knots used, oh so many knots. Here is a pic of one of the old design leaflets.
Click on any photo to enlarge

Our Education Director, Yvonne B., stitched up the sampler using overdyed pearl cotton, solid pearl cotton, and metallic. We thought the effect was lovely. 

 It's hard to tell in the photos, but she stitched it on iridescent canvas. 
I really like the way the overdyed pearl created additional interest in the larger areas.
Dark Solid on Light Background

Light Solid on Dark Background

Overdyed and Solid Threads on Light Iridescent Background

The same section in three different thread/canvas combinations.


Here are a few pictures from our Stitch-In on June 24. We have quite a range of techniques.
The start of Hapsburg Lace

Hapsburg Lace on Blue Canvas

Embroidery by one of our quilters
A canvas piece from ANG

Stamped work on a tea towel
The beginnings of a sweet bag

Another stitcher working on that ANG piece

Counted cross stitch

Cross stitch by Ursula Michaels - finished and framed!

Cross stitch Flower Power by Crossed Wing Collections
Another start of the Hapsburg Lace

Counted cross stitch
Needlepoint piece of a Charleston house, a souvenir from a trip
  Last, in May we started an emery bag project by Laurie McClellan. It is a beaded Ultrasuede-covered button surrounded by beads to top an emery bag. Those of us not named Darlene will be finishing up our emery bag at the July meeting.
Darlene V. always adds a little extra to make it unique
Darlene's finished emery bag next to Denise M.'s started button
Laurie planned it to go along with our mermaid project that was our January birthday gift to our members. We paired on online freebie with linen, threads, a jewel and teeny pearls.  The design is from from the blog Cross Stitch Happy. We finished it as a pincushion with the trim stitchers' choice.
 I wish I had a picture of the one stitched by Kendra - she sprayed her linen with blue floral paint first and it looked terrific.

Our next meeting is July 15, with optional social time (and a snack) starting at 6:30 and the meeting itself beginning at 7:00. We meet at the Community Room at the back of the US Bank, 333 N Euclid Ave, Ontario, CA, or as the locals call it Euclid and "D" Street.

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