Saturday, May 26, 2012

The First Item in our Garden

Here is the first item we made for our Garden of Delights in a Basket:

It's a needle book designed by Linda Driskell. Our program chairman Georgette B. was able to contact Linda and she kindly allowed us to copy and teach her design to our chapter members. Georgette's goal was to allow each Baldy View member to try a small sample of a new technique and to finish it into a usable item without a sewing machine. She taught the stitching over one meeting and the finishing over another. This project featured a harganger center and mock bullion flowers.

Look at all Georgette's pins and needles! Georgette demonstrated how to get an even cut on felt by using freezer paper.

We could make an optional pocket in the back for our gauge that had been a gift from our chapter to each member. Georgette had to make two needle books to work out the techniques and she put her monogram on the back of one. She pulled that design from the Dover book "Charted Monograms for Needlework and Cross Stitch." If I get a chance, I'll post a photo of that too.

Thank you, Linda, for allowing us the use of your design.

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