Sunday, July 8, 2012

June Meeting

 We started the "Lacy Canvas Scissor Case" by Margaret Bendig in May. We have a canvas project for our Garden of Delights in a Basket! Georgette B. and Helen I., our program chairman and president respectively, supplied us with platinum canvas and white pearl cotton for the project. Here is Lydia's work all stitched up. We have one side,

 and we have the other. The stitching was fun and easy to do. We had the option of adding an extra set of slanted satin in the middle to make the piece a little deeper.

Here is the whole piece. Lydia opted to stitch it as charted.
And here are the finished pieces! The two on the left were stitched by Georgette and Helen. They added beads and stitched it on green canvas.

The blue piece is by Denise M. She stitched it on blue canvas.

Margaret originally designed the piece to be a closed sleeve to slip your scissors in and fasten them in place with a ribbon. By adding those extra rows, it was easier to adapt the piece into a needle book.

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