Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wedding Gift Finish

Our member Denise M. made this beautiful wedding gift. Denise found this Joan Elliot chart as a freebie in a package of Charles Craft "Stardust" fabric. But it's not simply a lovely framed piece:
It's a box! Denise went to a frame shop in Montclair, California called "The Artisans" and had a custom box made. We were all quite impressed by the box AND the extra item in the box.

That is a whitework bag for the wedding jewelry. Denise joined the whitework group that is affiliated with the Orange County EGA chapter and has been working on the bag for some time. The design is "Ukrainian Legacy" by June and Gail Adams. What a wonderful gift. Thank you, Denise, for sharing this with us.

 Since we're talking gifts, when Baldy View helped host the Pacific Southwest Region meeting in April we gave each attendee what we call an "Ort Port." A goo-glee-eyed frog in a pocket was put on the front of a felt "book." Inside is a section of flannel. Your little bits of leftover thread or "orts" stick to the flannel. The felt helps it stay on your sofa arm without slipping.

Here it is in action on a plane. It fits into a 4" x 6" photo box along with a pair of scissors and a small project and goes easily into your purse. When it's time to clean up it's easy to close your Ort Port with your loose threads stuck to the flannel and slip it back into your purse.

Thank you to Helen I. and Georgette B. for making up all those Ort Ports.

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  1. The Ort Ports your members made are such a great idea! I like to save my orts as much as possible and I lose a lot of them when I stitch while traveling. Thank you for sharing this :)